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PPM’s DIY Edition

PPM’s July Photo Shoot

PPM’s July inspiration really resonates with Henri Matisse’s wonderful words: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. Our objective was to focus on the simplicity of our surrounding, focus on its beauty, and use our props with creativity. Keep enjoying the beauty around you! Here are few of our very favourite pictures. Enjoy! xox


Photo_5 photo_4 A-DSC_1409



Here are my lovely friends working in their element







A_photo (25)

PPM’s DIY Edition: Drink Stirrers

PPM’s DIY Edition: {Drink Stirrers} How many times do you lose your drink at a party? Create these elegant and simple drink stirrers for your next event – adding details to your party is the key. Your guests will thank you for not losing their drink!  xox #prettypartyme #drinkstirrers

drinkstrirrers (1)


Items you’ll need:

♥ Stir sticks or Skewers

♥ Hot Glue

♥ Decorative accessories (i.e. construction paper, crepe paper, chalkboard labels (small)..)

How to:

  1. Choose your accessory of choice and glue it to the stir stick and repeat process until you have a good number for your guests.
  2. Et voilà! That was easy! Enjoy.

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