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PPM’s July Photo Shoot

PPM’s July inspiration really resonates with Henri Matisse’s wonderful words: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. Our objective was to focus on the simplicity of our surrounding, focus on its beauty, and use our props with creativity. Keep enjoying the beauty around you! Here are few of our very favourite pictures. Enjoy! xox


Photo_5 photo_4 A-DSC_1409



Here are my lovely friends working in their element







A_photo (25)

PPM’s DIY Edition: Flower Crown and Armlets

Our trip to Cuba last week, inspired us to make these lovely flower crowns. In the streets of Old Havana, we saw women with lovely flower headdresses. Here is sharing our own version of Cuban Flower crowns. Hope you love them as much as we do! xox

Items you’ll need

♥ Floral wire

♥ White ribbon

♥ Aluminium thread

♥ a pair of scissors

♥ Flowers – we used wax flowers

♥ Green Floral tape (optional)

Flower Crown and Armlets_Items

1. Cut the ribbon in two pieces of 50 cm each.
2. Take three floral wires and braid them together
3. End the braid by wrapping the ribbon around the floral wire with the aluminum thread – repeat the steps for the other side.
4. Fix the flowers around the floral wire with aluminum thread

photo (23)

5. Once the wire is covered with flowers, you crown is done. Use the ribbon to tie  and cut it  according to your desired size.

photo (21)

We also made arm bands, use above steps to make flower armlets. ♥ ♥ ♥  Enjoy!

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