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Drink Stirrers

PPM’s DIY Edition: Drink Stirrers

PPM’s DIY Edition: {Drink Stirrers} How many times do you lose your drink at a party? Create these elegant and simple drink stirrers for your next event – adding details to your party is the key. Your guests will thank you for not losing their drink!  xox #prettypartyme #drinkstirrers

drinkstrirrers (1)


Items you’ll need:

♥ Stir sticks or Skewers

♥ Hot Glue

♥ Decorative accessories (i.e. construction paper, crepe paper, chalkboard labels (small)..)

How to:

  1. Choose your accessory of choice and glue it to the stir stick and repeat process until you have a good number for your guests.
  2. Et voilà! That was easy! Enjoy.

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