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PPM’s DIY Edition: Bunting Banner with Crepe paper

1. Items you’ll need:
♥ Rolls of crepe paper in your desired colours
♥ Yarn (we used white)
♥ a stapler and staples
♥ a pair of scissors


How to:
1. Cut a 2-foot long piece of crepe paper and fold it in half length-wise. Cut down the fold, now you have two pieces. Fold both of the pieces in half and lay them on top of each other. Cut those pieces into 3-inch strips. Repeat the process with remaining colors so you have piles of strips in every colour.

2. Grab your yarn and stapler and start making magic! Cut a piece of yarn the length you want your bunting to be. Slip a strip over the yarn and staple right under the yarn (this way your buntings can be moved and spaced accordingly)




3. If you want them fixed, staple your folded-over strip right onto the yarn.). Repeat with alternating colors and you are done!!



Voila!! and we have a lovely colourful bunting banner


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