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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Historical Venue

We had the pleasure of going to this beautiful venue and experience the historical aspects of the venue formerly known as the Automotive Building. Great combination of modern and historical designs.

photo (1)

Exquisite cuisines were showcased at the Allstream Centre where guests went around the world to please their taste buds. Ofcourse, we had to stop by Canada! Guess what we found? Poutine – yes!!!


October Wedding Inspiration

And she said “as long as you’re around I’ ll follow you. You won’t ever be alone. As long as you’re around I’ll follow you.  And I will be wherever you go.” – A beautiful rendition of PPM’s October photo-shoot in the words of Jon McLaughlin

Lovely accents of teal and lace paper lanterns

DSC_0774 (1) 

 We made a beautiful gold polka dot veil for the bride…



 We had some fun shots too!


Credits: Amazing photography by: Sangita Manandhar Pasma  //Paper lace Lanterns & Polka dot Veil by: Pretty Party Me// Event Design and executiong by: Pretty Party Me // Hair styling by: Esha K  //  The Beautiful Bride: Mehreen Mannan

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