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Engagement Proposal: Moonrise Kingdom

Engagement Proposal: {Moonrise Kingdom} Show her that she is your grandest adventure! Woo her with a canoe ride or a trip to a national park and ask her to run away with you! Life is a grand adventure; we have to make our own little adventures along the way! Need help planning? We are here to help! ♥♥ #prettypartyme  #engagementproposal


Image source: http://ruffledblog.com

PPM’s DIY Edition: Drink Stirrers

PPM’s DIY Edition: {Drink Stirrers} How many times do you lose your drink at a party? Create these elegant and simple drink stirrers for your next event – adding details to your party is the key. Your guests will thank you for not losing their drink!  xox #prettypartyme #drinkstirrers

drinkstrirrers (1)


Items you’ll need:

♥ Stir sticks or Skewers

♥ Hot Glue

♥ Decorative accessories (i.e. construction paper, crepe paper, chalkboard labels (small)..)

How to:

  1. Choose your accessory of choice and glue it to the stir stick and repeat process until you have a good number for your guests.
  2. Et voilà! That was easy! Enjoy.

Starry Nights – Decor Inspiration

{Starry Nights} A great inspiration for a starry night themed event, black and silver gold accents display a warm look, almost like the night, with stars falling down. What a lovely feeling that you can touch the stars!! ♥♥♥ #prettypartyme #starrynight

Starry Nights

Starry Nights

Picture Source: http://beautifulcliche.tumblr.com/image/32143820084
























Source: http://beautifulcliche.tumblr.com/image/32143820084

PPM’s DIY Edition: Tulle Balls – Pom Pom Style

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Items you’ll need

♥ tulle in the colour of your choice

♥ stretch loops (we used in silver)

♥ a pair of scissors

♥ a shoe box cover


















1. Wrap your tulle around your shoe box cover


2. Gently pull it off the cover
















3. Wrap the loop around the center of the tulle. It will leave you with something that looks like a bow tie.
















4. Take your scissors and cut the top and cut the bottom to reveal the layers of tulle.















5. Simply pull the tulle pieces apart and “fluff” it to create a pom pom style

















6. Here are the beauties… enjoy!


PPM’s DIY Edition: Bunting Banner with Crepe paper

1. Items you’ll need:
♥ Rolls of crepe paper in your desired colours
♥ Yarn (we used white)
♥ a stapler and staples
♥ a pair of scissors


How to:
1. Cut a 2-foot long piece of crepe paper and fold it in half length-wise. Cut down the fold, now you have two pieces. Fold both of the pieces in half and lay them on top of each other. Cut those pieces into 3-inch strips. Repeat the process with remaining colors so you have piles of strips in every colour.

2. Grab your yarn and stapler and start making magic! Cut a piece of yarn the length you want your bunting to be. Slip a strip over the yarn and staple right under the yarn (this way your buntings can be moved and spaced accordingly)




3. If you want them fixed, staple your folded-over strip right onto the yarn.). Repeat with alternating colors and you are done!!



Voila!! and we have a lovely colourful bunting banner


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